Welcome to Fish Eagle's Lair

IMG 0231The Fish Eagle's Lair is situated on Kyalami Bay on the Albert Falls dam with magnificent views across the bay onto the Karkloof Hills. Enjoy comfortable accommodation for up to 6 people in our self catering wooden chalet, there are paddle ski's, wind surfers, K2 duzi canoe, and a halcat yacht available.

Owls Nook

2013-12-12 13.31.39Owls Nook is a 4 sleeper cottage situated close to The Fish Eagles Lair and is ideeal for a couple with two children


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Escape to Paradise

These cottages provide the perfect antidote to our busy lives. Chill out in peace, let nature provide the therapy. Both cottages are off the grid - that means no electricity - we use solar lights, gas stove and freezer, and hot water from a donkey boiler.

No Power Cuts!

Before the Drought


How Bad is the Drought?

The bay in front of teh cottages has been empty for 3 years now due to the drought. However good fishing spots are just 3km to 5km away on a decent road.

During the Drought